Family Photographs

22 03 2011

Family Photography


In my family the tradition of family photography is pretty mundane now that I think about it.  Growing up the only time that I remember seeing a camera was when there was a special occasion going on like a birthday, a wedding, or vacation etc.  When my sisters and I were small there were pictures taken of us through out growing up, but our family photographs of us kids being small doesn’t seem to be as prolific as I would imagine they would be today.  We also would occasionally go out to a photography studio to get family pictures done together.  As for most our family photographs I believe they mostly exist in the form of smaller 4×6 images in various family albums however, some of the more important photographs or at least more cherished by my parents are hanging up on a wall leading up the stairs.


Photography was valued in my family as a source of remembering what once was and to document its happening.  I don’t think that anyone in particular took control over the family photographs.  Any one that was around would snap the picture but I believe that my stepmom was the reason that anyone saw any of our family photographs.  I think that the main reason for my parents taking family photographs is the same as any, to relish in the past and remember and document how we have gotten to this time.  I also believe it is a subtle outlet for boasting about things that we have done as well.  Like going on a going on an exotic trip, or even bragging about an award that one of their children won in school.


Looking back at some of my old family photographs the only real feeling I have for them is to see how I have grown up and matured.  Its interesting to see me as a young kid as well as see my sisters as being young and now we are all adults.  It puts some perspective on age and that we all grow up and get older.


Our family photographs have definitely changed since I was little.  The ease of having a point and shoot digital camera allows for an abundance of images taken.  Most of these images never see more than just a computer screen.  For our family album project I wanted to create a real family album starting from when my wife and I first met because of this idea that none of our photographs exist in a physical sense, only in the digital realm.  However, over time I think that the abundance and ease of taking images is the only real thing that has changed over time, I still believe that family photographs work in the same way as they did during my child hood and my parent’s child hood.


In general I believe that family photographs function on the level of remembering the past and giving a false sense of happiness.  Most family photographs embellish the idea of a happy event or time when maybe things aren’t so great.  For me family photographs are just pictures of our family members.  The only real time I care about looking at family photographs is when I am in the picture and I can say hey there I am.   Maybe that will change when I have a kid and take pictures of them but family photographs really don’t do much for me.


I think digital dissemination of family photographs has not changed the function of the family photograph.  It just allows for a wider audience to view the family photographs.  This idea of dissemination goes back to our family portrait wall of photographs at my parent’s house.  It’s source of showing off and boasting about your family.  The only problem I see with the dissemination of digital images is I am bombarded with family and friends pictures of their kids every day on social media sources like facebook.  I really don’t care to see posts of children pictures or the fact that one of my friend’s kids ate their first French fry.  I just don’t care but I don’t see any harm in it.  It is again just a way for more people to see how wonderful their family is, but on a larger scale.



Internet “Kill-Switch”

23 02 2011

Giving the President the “Kill-Switch” to the internet…


22 02 2011


B.) My basic workflow process starts after I make my photographs.  My cameras store images either on compact flash cards or SD cards.  I first load my cards onto my computer.  Once I load my images onto my desktop I usually tend to rename the folder with a corresponding title depending on what I shot that day or for that project.  Once I have renamed them I tend to leave the folders on my desktop indicating that I need to still work on them.  This unfortunately creates a very cluttered desktop.  However, it does remind me every day that I still have to work on these folders/images.  Once I have worked the images in the folder I save the worked files as save as files in a subfolder.  This process tends to work well for me when it comes down to recent work that I plan on getting done within a couple of days.  When it comes down to longer projects I have no real work flow process.  I tend to save images into appropriately titled folders and then throw them into the big folder titled pictures.  I then use Adobe Bridge to help locate the images I would like to edit in Photoshop.  Again once I edit my images I save the images in a new folder so that I can keep the original raw files intact.  Unfortunately I seem to never file these folders in the same spot.  Some times they get saved to my desktop as well or just in the space of the pictures folder.  As for backing up my work I am very untrusting of hard drives.  I always save my images on my computers hard drive as well as a separate external hard drive that once a day backs up all the files on my computer.  I also have an external drive that I update with backed up files about once a month and that hard drive is kept in a fire/water proof safe.


C.) I feel that I definitely need to change my workflow habits to be more productive.  Unfortunately I have been working in this sporadic manner for quite some time though.  I think that the most important and simplest change in my workflow would be working with workflow software that is non destructive to the files.  Part of my problem is keeping the original file, then creating an assortment of save as files with different edits.  This takes up an abundant amount of space on my hard drives and it makes it frustrating to find which file is which.


D.) I think that my biggest workflow problem of saving files many different times would be alleviated with a file view/ workflow program like Adobe Lightroom.  This program works in a non-destructive manner and makes it so that I can view my images almost instantaneously.  I have already bought Lightroom and I’m now learning the ropes.  So far it has made me more productive and more efficient in producing edited work and I’m still just in the initial phase of getting my feet wet so to say.  Once I feel a little more comfortable I want to try to clean up some of my duplicate folders and clear some space, but that is a task all of its own.


Sensory Overload

4 02 2011

The 24 hour photo project was definitely not a style that I am used to working nor did it really give a way of being really creative. It did however provide a certain aspect on our daily lives and the abundance of images that we are bombarded with. It was definitely intriguing to see how everyone approached this assignment. The assignment really had no specifications to how it was to be approached other than the fact that we had to take a picture of images that we saw during a 24 hour period. Some people went looking for images, some tried to keep their heads down to avoid seeing images, and others approached the assignment by keeping their daily routine and capturing the images they saw in a normal day. I personally approached the shoot with the intention of not looking for images. If I happened to come upon something I would take a picture. In all I think that the 24 hour shoot was a little overwhelming, not in a work load sense but more in terms of a sensory overload. Consciously seeing and taking the time with each image I saw on this day was a little much, not to mention seeing the hundreds of other images people took as well. On a side note, because this shoot was actually presented to others I found it hard to look at the images because I wanted there to be some sort of importance to the images, but there really was none.

24 Hour Photo Shoot

31 01 2011

I started this venture into our 24 hour photo shoot at about 2am Saturday morning on the set of my buddies film Spilled Milk.  Little did I really pay attention to where we where filming at.  The basis of this photo shoot was to take a picture of images that I saw with in a 24 hour period.  Deciding on shooting this on Saturday caused a little dilemma.  I was to be the production photographer for a film and I was to take pictures of images that I see during the same time.  Not to mention we were filming in a convenience store where there is a vast array of images around me.  The task of actually taking photographs of images around me actually helped me stay awake during down time since we didn’t get done filming until about 9am Saturday morning.  Conveniently for me, the fact that I had stayed up for about 28 hrs straight made it so I slept most of the day Saturday and never again left the house till the 24 hour time period was up.  The remaining images that I photographed that were not located in the convenience store were taken at my house.  I found myself cursing the fact that I woke up to make dinner because I really did not feel up to taking anymore photographs of images.  I couldn’t even take a piss with out seeing another image.  I was definitely glad when the 24 hour time period was up, but I did find the venture to be some what interesting.  It is just amazing to think about the vast amount of images that we are bombarded with on an everyday basis.24hrshoot


27 01 2011

8.3.8 is a project that has taken course over the last week starting on Wed the 19th and ended today Wed the 26th.  The premise of this project was simple.  I was to take a picture at 8 am 3 pm and 8 pm for an entire week and see what I come up with.  These images are the images that I took during that time frame.

I Will Get the Hell Out of Phoenix

6 12 2010